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Greedo Shot First

Conor Arlet and Andrew Roman talk about Star Wars… and stuff.

Episode XXIX - Rise of Skywalker Speculationcast

It's Greedo's birthday! Join Conor and Andrew as they are joined by past guests Steph Roman, Andrew Feyock, and Brandon Carnahan to discuss all of the biggest rumors surrounding Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The gang starts off by discussing the latest news about Disney+, before attempting to answer these five questions about The Rise of Skywalker:

1. Will we learn “the truth” about Rey’s parentage in Episode IX?

2. Will (or even can) Kylo Ren be redeemed?

3. Are you worried about the fate of any character?

4. How will Palpatine (& Luke) appear in the film?

5. What does The Rise of Skywalker mean to you?