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Rust Belt Wristers

Andrew Roman and Mike Swanson cover the Pittsburgh Penguins and the NHL at large through a mix of statistical inference and pure bluster.

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Episode 9 - This is Not a Stupid Goalie Debate Podcast (Mostly)

Andrew and Mike breakdown how the Pittsburgh Penguins have matched up against the Nashville Predators so far in this series. The guys look back at how the Pens' forwards have fared against Nashville's defense. What changes the Penguins have made to their breakout, and a refreshed look on the Pens powerplay. The also talk about Pittsburgh's goaltending situation, but just a little bit.

Andrew's Note: Here is the link to the article that I referenced on goaltending from Micah Blake McCurdy, his visualizations are always amazing, and now he's fighting the good fight with his research into goaltending: