Reggie's House is a hockey site with a Pittsburgh Penguins focus. This is a site founded on two simple questions: "Why do they do that?" and "Why doesn't everyone do that?"^ By asking these questions, we hope to expand and grow the very foundation on which we understand hockey--to not just better understand existing analytical research, but to explore the behaviors, motivations, and instincts necessary to execute the game at a higher level.

^These questions were originally posed by Chris Anderson and David Sally in their book The Numbers Game: Why Everything You Know About Soccer is Wrong, it's really good.


Andrew Roman is the owner of Reggie's House. When he isn't writing about hockey, he enjoys playing the drums, making reclaimed wood furniture, and spending time with his wife and Siberian Husky.

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Mike Swanson co-hosts the Reggie's House Podcast. Mike is a Carnegie, Pa native, but currently lives in State College, Pa. He works for Calvary Church in partnership with the CCO serving college students at Penn State. Mike is a life-long Pens fan, and NHL Be A Pro aficionado. He enjoys reading, playing music, and roasting/drinking coffee. Reach out to him on Twitter @IAmMikeSwanson.


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